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About Me


Oenone (e-no-knee) Randall specialises in copper artwork. Using etching, patination and sculpture technigues that she has perfected during her 14 year professional career, Oenone produces flat, wall- hung, and 3D sculptures that combine a realistic but quirky take on animal and coastal themes.

Oenone discovered her passion for metalwork, while taking her degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University. An elective in the subject, in which she experimented with copper, brass and aluminium, convinced her and her tutors that her future lay in metal. She pursued her love by learning welding techniques in the holidays with her uncle, a classic car enthusiast. Her father, recognising that embroidery and millinery was not enough to satisfy his daughter, bought her a MIG welder for her 21st! (Subsequent birthday presents have included oxyacetalyne and propane welding kits, and an ex-army anvil!!). This led to a Masters in Metal and an enduring love for copper in particular, a metal to which Oenone employs her textual understanding to produce a distinctive, tactile quality to her work.

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Oenone Randall