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Oenone is now selling her unique hand crafted silver jewellery. She incorporates many of the distinctive and original styles and techniques that have come to define her existing copper sculptures, for which she is well known. With her many years experience of metal working and other forms of art, she is able to bring a new and dynamic perspective to jewellery. As someone literate in manipulating metal she is able to construct improbable and innovative designs, fusing different metals, themes and techniques to produce stunning pieces of decorative body art.

Hoops and Loops
Oenone's sense of fun and simple styling is reflected in this extensive range of 'jump-ring' jewllery. With the use of simple hoops and loops, Oenone has created a range of jewellery that extends from modern stark and minimalist pieces to delicate, fluid necklaces, rings, bangles and ear-rings.

Molten Pebbles
Oenone's distinctive pebble designs stem from her earliest childhood memories. Not inspired by days on the beach but by pieces of jewellery made for her by her mother. Oenone's designs have an ethereal yet earthly quality about them, pieces that are both urban and rustic.

Love, Hope and Joy
Oenone is bringing the simple and uplifting words that already adorn her copper work to her jewellery, creating pieces that appeal to all ages and for all occasions. These designs incorporate many of her other styles, including hoops and loops, and can be customised using words or names of your choosing.

Buttons and Birds
Oenone's passion for buttons and birds, both themes she has explored in her coppper sculptures are evident in her jewellery range. These designs are all created from silver and copper precious metal clay, giving them a distinct and obviously hand-crafted look and feel..

Ear Sculptures
Oenone's unique range of ear sculptures is a new form of jewellery that shows Oenone is an artist as much as a craftsman. These pieces, designed to be worn by people with or without pierced ears, can be exquisite and subtle or brash and bold depending on your mood or personality. Hooked around the ear, the ear scupltures can decorate both or either your face and ear in a comfortable but statement-making manner.

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Hoops and Loops Ear Sculptures
Love, Hope and Joy Buttons and Birds
Molten Pebbles Necklaces & Pendants
Necklaces & Pendants